Ben Witkins | About

Hi, I'm Ben Witkins. I am a UX designer based in Encinitas, California.

All of my life, I have loved creating & designing. Whether it's writing a song on guitar, painting with acrylics or designing a website that helps a business achieve its goals, I find immense satisfaction in turning a blank canvas into something that's meaningful for the user. 

Live from the stage/my workspace

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. After graduating and working a variety of jobs which included sales, SEO and copywriting, I started to design websites for friends, colleagues and family on a freelance basis. I soon learned that my true passion was user experience design and began a career in UX with Thomson Reuters.

Throughout my career thus far, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of exciting projects ranging from mobile apps that identify cancer, to the world’s most popular legal software, to trying to improve the DMV experience! I have developed the following skills, such as:

  • Interaction design (Nielsen Norman Group certified)

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Wireframes & rapid prototyping (Axure, Balsamiq)

  • A/B testing (Optimizely)

  • Usability testing & user research

  • Information architecture & sitemaps

  • Journey mapping & user flows

  • User persona development

I am always open to meeting to see if I could help you or your business achieve its goals. I really enjoy coffee. 

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